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Bootcamp Education Events

Strap on your boots for some AMAZING education!


Upcoming Bootcamp Events

As of now, all our Bootcamp Education Events are FREE for 2024.  Bootcamp events will be held 2-4 times per year.  All healthcare professionals can earn CE/CME credits.  If you missed our LIVE event, all events and lectures are available for purchase 3-6 weeks after the event has ended (they are recorded).  These events are held virtually, but we may have some in-person events very soon!  If you really enjoyed our event and you'd like us to conduct a personal Bootcamp for your organization, please let us know. 



If you are interested in joining our team as an educator and potentially be chosen for one of our events, please contact us.


If your organization would like to become a sponsor for one of our events and market to a worldwide audience, please contact us.  Our first 3 events combined had attendees from 35+ countries from around the world! 

Next BootCamp Event: November 5th

Topic: Pediatrics

lectures will be available for purchase within 2-4 weeks after our live event has concluded

Upcoming BootCamp Events

starting in 2025, our Bootcamp Events will cost $5 to join, however, if you'd like CE/CME/CEU credits and a course certificate, there will be an additional $75 fee.  If you don't purchase this option prior to the event, you can contact us at, and we'll send you a payment link.

1/31/2025 - Toxicology 

4/1/2025- Trauma 

7/25/2025- Neurology

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