Established in March of 2021, 120Compressions is a great place to obtain your American Heart Association (AHA) certifications or American Red Cross (ARC) certifications whether it's your first time or you need a refresher/update or skills course. 

We do both in-person classes and now online utilizing blended-learning.  We will even come to your facility and teach your employees or students, and if we are unable, we will try our hardest to help you find an instructor that will!

Not only do we offer various certifications courses, but we also provide tutoring/mentoring services and conduct continuing education courses and lectures daily.  We want to make sure we can support any healthcare related topic, and therefore have educators in different areas of medicine, all over the world, conducting lectures.  If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know!

Year of 2021 

120Compressions gets accredited by the Better Business Bureau & CAPCE

Dr. Sush Prusty (with MyHeartMD) takes on the role of 120Compressions Medical Director.

120Compressions now offering all American Red Cross courses

Continue to form new partnerships and collaborations with educators and companies from around the world

Year of 2022

Podcast interviews with healthcare professionals from around the world commenced 

We have been recognized in about 60+ different countries so far, and have students from around the world already joining in on our education

Obtained providership/joint accreditation with affiliated institutions 


Became an ECSI & ASHI training center 

Membership plans launched & AED shop revamped



Our Current Educators Reside In...

20+ different states and 20+ different countries so far!  We continue to take on new educators from around the world every day!


Fire & EMS Departments


120Compressions not only focuses on worldwide healthcare education, but we specialize in various aspects of EMS and Fire education too!  Does your EMS or Fire Department require an education program?  Or maybe you could use a revamp to better your current educational program, or you don’t have educators within your department.  120Compressions has the resources to manage all of your educational needs, including continuing education and certification courses.  Contact us today and let us PUT OUT the worry of education for your department!


Life saving CPR is not only for adults to learn, but children and adolescents too!

Do you want your students or employees to learn first aid and/or CPR?   You should, CPR saves lives and it’s easy to learn! 

 Business, School, Healthcare facility? Ask us about group discounts and contracts!