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Upcoming Lectures!

Updated: Jun 23

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage the lectures you'd like to purchase.

We have LIVE lectures that are regularly scheduled, just check in on our lecture database and sign up! Missed a LIVE lecture? Not to worry, all of our content is recorded and placed in a special library in which you can view the content on your own time.

Some of our upcoming LIVE lectures include:

IO Access: 7/7

Traumatic Cardiac Arrest: 7/8

Immunity, The Science Behind Healing 7/11

Crime Scene Awareness: 7/19

Pediatric Perfusion: 8/2

12-Lead ECG Review: 9/7

Crush Injuries: 9/18

Basic & Advanced Airway Management TBD

MCIs & Acts of Terrorism TBD

Treating Cardiac Complaints TBD

Demystifying Trauma Briefs TBD

Blood & Airborne Pathogens TBD

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