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Need Extra Help?

Are you a First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, RN, Medical Doctor, PA, or other healthcare student/professional looking for extra help to get through your coursework, a refresher, or want a quick study session before taking an exam?  We have talented, skilled, and experienced professionals from around the world to help you!


Take a look through our tutors/mentors, read their bios, see what their expertise is in, and choose the right professional to help you.  If you don't see a professional you believe can help you, let us know, we will find one!

How We Help

We  can offer you one-on-one review (LIVE, ONLINE) on what you need help with!  We will cater a syllabus just for you!  Tell us what you need help with.  We will work with you and try to accommodate you the best we can!  If we don't have a designated professional to review with you one-on-one, we will try our hardest to find one for you based on the content you need help with.

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